5 most unusual museums in Belarus 5 most unusual museums in Belarus

Belarus is not the most popular world travel destination, but yet it carries a lot of secrets and interesting places to explore. In that way it can be compared to a Russian Doll in the world of travelling. If you have visited it several times already, don’t stop – you will never get bored of trying to understand the Belarusian soul.

This article is aimed at experienced travelers or those who tired of the most popular « instagrammable» museums and venues like National Galleries, History Museums and monuments.

So prepare yourself to discover the most unusual museums in Belarus, many of which are unknown even to the locals.

Museum of USSR skateboarding, Minsk

This newly arranged small Museum is dedicated to alternative part of USSR history. You may be very suprised by that the USSR was not only about strict rules, gray clothes and sober activities. The collection of museum belongs to a true lover of skateboarding and history, who will show and tell you about his passion in a very details, like vintage skateboards, magazines, roller skates, sneakers and clothes. The special charm of this place is its hidden location – it is situated at the old workshop near Yakuba Kolasa metro station. Be sure to book your excursion in advance!

Kuntskamera ( Anatomy Museum), Grodno

This unusual Museum is a part of Grodno Medical university and was made for real thrill-seekers! Here, you will come across 70 unique teratological preparations – “Siamese twins”, “mermaids”, “two-faced Janus”, “cyclopia”, “anencephals” and other anatomical abnormalities. We have to mention that it is even more impressive that any of Horror Rooms, because all showpieces are real objects.

Felix Yanushkevich Gallery, Rakov

Felix Yanushkevich is probably the most famous artist in the small town of Rakov. His gallery is in fact his own house with thousands of interesting objects, revealing the history of Rakov and Belarus in general. You can find paintings, sculptures, antique household items and all things that surrounded Belarusians though centuries. Do not hesitate to ask Felix about every item you find interesting and be ready to listen sapid stories you may pass later to your friends and relatives! Excursion is mostly interactive with life music, moonshine and homemade food tasting.

Art School Museum, Vitebsk

Art School Museum (or The History Museum of Vitebsk Folk Art School) is a new gallery dealing with avant-garde art. This place not only carries pictures and sculptures, but is a truly art masterpiece itself. Here, avant-garde art follows you at every step: on the floor, at the walls and even in the souvenir shop, which is a special place for stylish little things from the local masters.

Museum of Rescued values, Brest

This Museum is very unique in its content. First it may seem that you are visiting a typical Art Gallery. But when it comes to museum name you will get the idea why all art items are «rescued». In fact, they were all withdrawn on demand by customs office at the border, due to border rules smuggling violations.