About Belarus

Where is Belarus located?

Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe with a territory of more than 207,600 km². In the North-West it borders with Lithuania, in the West with Poland, in the North with Latvia, in the East with Russia and in the South with Ukraine. The Belarusian city of Polotsk is considered as a geographical center of Europe.

Who lives in Belarus?

The country’s population is about 10 million people, 70% of the population lives in cities. Belarusians are hospitable and respectful to all nations no less due to the fact that representatives of more than 130 nations and nationalities have been living on its territory throughout Belarusian history. The largest nationalities today are represented by Belarusians (83%), Russians, Poles, Ukrainians and Jews.

What is traditional religion in Belarus?

There is no official religion in Belarus, but the most widespread is Eastern Orthodoxy, then come Catholic groups and Judaism. Local people are very tolerant to any religion and a huge number of churches and temples make up the rich historical heritage of the country.

What cities are located in Belarus?

Belarus is divided into 6 regions. The capital and the largest city of the state is the city of Minsk, small cities near Minsk are called the Minsk Region. The rest of the regions are Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno and Mogilev.

What language is used in Belarus?

There are two state languages: Belarusian and Russian. However, most people speak Russian in everyday life. In Belarusian schools children learn English as compulsory subject. Today more and more road signs in English appear everywhere to make country’s orientation convenient for foreigners.

What is Belarusian currency?

Belarusian currency is represented by the Belarusian ruble (BYN). You can easily change dollars and euros in banks and exchange offices around the country. The exchange rate varies through the year, but as of December 2018 it comprises: 1 USD – 2,12 BYN 1 EUR – 2,41 BYN

What time is adopted in Belarus?

Belarus is located in the Eastern European time zone, which is three hours ahead of GMT (GMT + 3)

What is the political system in Belarus?

Belarus is a unitary democratic social and law state. It is a presidential republic. On July 20, 1994 Alexander Lukashenko took the presidency, he is the current president of the Republic of Belarus and occupies this position for the longest time among all European states.

What are sockets in Belarus?

Belarus uses alternating current 220V, 50Hz. All plugs are Western European. If you come from the UK or the United States, it is recommended to bring adapters with you.

What is the climate of Belarus?

The climate of Belarus is moderately continental, in the west transitional from sea to continental forming under the influence of the air masses from the Atlantic. The average summer temperature ranges from + 18°C in the north (July) to + 20°C in the south, and winter – from −5°C in the south-west to −8°C in the north-east (January).

What is nature like in Belarus?

Belarus is extremely rich with diverse flora and fauna. Here you can not only enjoy hiking and biking in the wild natural environment, but also recreate at scenic spots within the area of national parks or farmsteads. Forests (40% of the country’s territory) and swamps (14% of the territory) allow the air to be fresh and clean, while 11,000 lakes and 20,000 rivers create perfect conditions for ecotourism.

How to come to Belarus?

Most travelers arrive in Belarus by plane. Minsk National Airport is the largest in the country. This is a modern airport with well-developed infrastructure including banks, cafes and shops. The airport is located 30 km from Minsk. Arrival by air gives you possibility of visa-free entry to the country. You can also visit Belarus by car, bus or train.

What is illegal in Belarus?

In Belarus it is forbidden to drink alcohol in public places, except for bars and restaurants. Besides, even soft drugs and prostitution are not legalized. There are objects under special surveillance where taking pictures is not allowed. For example, the Presidential Administration, subway and railway station.

How to stay in touch?

Almost all hotels and cafes have free Wi-Fi, you can also buy a card from Beltelecom and in this case you can use Wi-Fi all over Belarus. For mobile communications, you can buy a card from local operator like Velcom, MTS or Life. The telephone dialing code of Belarus is +375. To call another country, dial 8 – 10 – country code – phone number. The most important numbers in the case of emergency are 112 – emergency services, 103 – ambulance and 102 – police.

What to see in Belarus?

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