Fam Trip for Tumlare company Fam Trip for Tumlare company

This November Prime Tour Company has welcomed our Russian partners who we are working with for the Japanese market. 28 members of the company has spent three wonderful days in Belarus.

As a start for our trip, they have visited Mir castle, which came out as a true medieval gem for them. Our guests have enjoyed climbing the old stairs, visiting glorious castle halls and even going down to the true ancient prison!

The second stop was Nesvizh Palace and the highlight of this visit was an overnight right in the Palace building! The most thrilling thing was to explore Palace and parks nearby at night and to search for a local ghost. A hearty dinner with live music was the perfect end for this saturated day.

On the way back to Minsk, our partners enjoyed Minsk city tour with some shopping in the trade mall and in the most authentic market – Komarovka, where they have bought some cheese, meat and even local alcohol spirits. Probably the most memorable place of the tour was Oktyabrskaya street – unique street in the city, full of graffiti, art exhibitions, cafes and restaurants.

After such a splendid trip many of them admitted that they have fallen in love with Minsk and are looking forward to come back soon!

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