London City Fair Workshop London City Fair Workshop
During our recent business trip to London, Prime Tour visited City Fair Workshop, which made a great impression on us.

Since the British tourism market remains one of our priorities, we have tried our best to establish contacts with American, British and Australian travel companies. During the workshop we revealed a great interest in Belarus and were happy to answer all the questions and to discuss different types of tourism in our country. During business meetings, we were approached not only by tour operators, but also by representatives of various platforms offering tours and excursions. And since we believe that the main disadvantage in the inbound tourism in Belarus is the lack of advertising, such acquaintances have become for us an excellent chance for future cooperation and promotion of Belarus throughout the world.

Such large-scale international events allow us to tell the whole world not only about our company, but also about Belarus as a whole : about our numerous forests, rivers and lakes, architectural sights, museums and unique tourist destinations that can’t be found anywhere in the world! Indeed, as Nigel Roberts has pointed out: “Belarus is an undiscovered box of gems, waiting to be revealed for by an inquisitive traveler”.

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