One Day in Vitebsk One Day in Vitebsk

This December two of our marketing managers took the train at the Minsk railway station to go to Vitebsk – the city founded by Olga of Kiev in 974 is considered rightfully as the cultural capital of Belarus. The hometown of Chagall and Tsatkin is a charming little peaceful place at almost four hours of train from Minsk. Here, they have visited 3 museums which in one way or another are connected with the life of Marc Chagall.

The House Museum of Marc Chagall

It is a small house with an incredible story. Here tourists understand the conditions where Marc Chagall grew up. Objects and family pictures tell the story of his social background and the importance of the Jewish religion. Every detail is here to lead you in an amazing journey into the past. Along the visit, guests deeply understand different steps of Chagall’s professional and personal life. An interesting feature is the local guide who won’t let you get bored for the whole tour!

Art Center of Marc Chagall

This museum offers visitors seasonal exhibitions that somehow are connected with Marc and even original works brought from different places of the world. It is a very instructive visit that allowed us to better understand the process of art creation and the influences of the artist. In his works we can clearly see that some themes are very intimate for him: the city of Vitebsk, romantic love and the role of colors. Chagall once said that he depicted the world the way he saw it – so nobody can really define his work and probably there is no «right» way …

Vitebsk Art School Museum

This Museum is situated in the former building of the most significant avant-garde school in Belarus. Actually, the museum has opened last year and is very new both in design and in entertainments. It presents in a very interactive way of learning the history of Vitebsk, UNOVIS Art School, Malevich and many other artists who were somehow connected with this place. VR travelling in the world of Bauhaus, mirrors that are talking to you, rooms that show their essence only in the dark… all these things will leave a deep impression on you for a long time indeed!

Two opinion on Vitebsk – French and Belarusian:

“Before coming to Vitebsk I barely knew about Chagall. I was really impressed to learn about this world famous painter of the XXth century, especially that he liked both Vitebsk and Paris! The House of Marc Chagall is a concentrate of anecdotes and had surprised me a lot. Chagall Art Center is a great opportunity to understand the complex work process of the artist. Finally, the School of Chagall recall the past of a community of artists who left a magnificent and sometimes rebellious mark in art’s history.”

Pierre, France

“I was more than happy when I started to plan our little trip to the culture capital of Belarus. Being a big fan of avant-garde and Bauhaus – Vitebsk appeared for me as a perfect place to explore both of these genres! I must admit that our itinerary was great as well , gradually revealing the essence of creativity and life of Chagall and Vitebsk step by step. House Museum is the beginning, telling more about childhood and family life of the artist, Chagall Art Center is an obligatory part if you are interested in technic of drawings and hidden sense in the art works. Moreover, the last but not the least is Vitebsk Art School Museum – I dare to say that so far it is the best museum in Vitebsk, offering so many modern interactions that you can easily spend around 3 – 4 hours admiring even the walls and the floor!”

Anna, Belarus

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