Fall in love with Belarus Fall in love with Belarus

“Travel is like love, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end.”

February, 14 is a special day that gives us one more reason to show our love to our closest ones. On this occasion, romantic sites will present you the right atmosphere and magic of the moment. Let us recommend you several lovely and romantic places in Belarus which could be another reason to include this country into your travelling list!

Minsk Sea

In fact, Minsk sea is a nickname of water reserve which is situated not far from Minsk. Here you can enjoy a promenade in the picturesque area, take a yacht ride or visit the Love Island, which is connected to the shore by a long wooden bridge. Today there are enough places to take a short rest including benches, gazebos and barbecues, but still it is quite secluded place perfectly fitted for romantic picnic!

Botanic Gardens

The 3rd largest Botanic Garden in Europe is also a beloved place for dates among Minskers. Here you can not only observe plants and flowers, but also visit a year-round greenhouse with exotic plants and birds. You may also grab some coffee and continue your trip in Chelyuskintsev Amusement Park.

Nesvizh Palace

Probably, it’s one of the most popular places among tourist visiting Belarus, but this mere fact doesn’t make it less romantic. You can take a walk along the castle routes enjoying local parks green surroundings or have a short retrospection journey into the history of Belarus by visiting the Castle museum. If you’d like to make your journey even more special, you can arrange a night trip across the Castle and who knows maybe you’d have got a chance to see a real Ghost of one of the previous Palace inhabitants!

Berezinsky Biosphere reserve

Nature helps us to understand each other better and to achieve all that unforgettable great experience. Enjoy a festive dinner with candlelight at one of the local hotels. Or try something more active like exploring eco paths, caressing the elk nose at the local zoo, riding a bike, enjoying rope park or going on a ski tour. If you have decided to spend the night at Reserve, you can enjoy watching the starry sky with a telescope or visit local sauna.

The Alley of Lovers in Gomel

On the initiative of the students, an unusual alley appeared in Festive Park in Gomel. It is called the Alley of Lovers – a place of more than 40 unusual benches and other installations connected with love feelings. When in Gomel you should also pay attention to romantic Rumyantsev Palace with a wonderful greenhouse and adjacent old park territory.