How can I contact your company?

  • Please, send your request to incoming@belarusprimetour.com or by filling one of the request forms on the website and our managers will reply you within a working day.
  • Make a phone call +375 17 302 34 02
  • Send a private message to our Facebook or Instagram page

Can you assist with Visa Support Letter?

Yes, Prime Tour offers help with Visa Support Documents:

Visa Support Documents includes Letter of invitation, contract and 2 amendments to it.

The letter of invitation (visa support letter) is an official document, issued by Belarusian Travel Company in order to invite a person to Belarus and ensure him/her obtaining Belarusian visa. The invitation should contain information about the inviting company (its name, registered address, telephone number), information about the tourist (full name, passport data, period of stay in Belarus), list of services, ordered by the tourist. It should be issued on the letter-head and be signed and sealed.

Contract (voucher) is an official document, issued by Belarusian Travel Company, which contains information about the services ordered by the tourist, his/her period of stay in Belarus and the tour price.

Please, mind that visa support documents should include valid information on your accommodation in Belarus, that is why our minimum visa support service package includes hotel booking from our agency for the whole period of stay and transfer (from airport to hotel) or an excursion.

Information, required by Prime Tour for issuing visa support letter and contact (voucher):

  1. full name (as per passport)
  2. citizenship
  3. date of birth
  4. number of valid passport
  5. passport date of issue and date of expiry
  6. date of arrival
  7. date of departure
  8. name of current employer
  9. position (occupation)
  10. employer’s business segment
  11. place of applying for visa (Embassy or National airport “Minsk”)

Prime Tour provides visa support both for applying for visa at the Embassy or Consulate abroad and for applying at the Consular Office of the international airport “Minsk”. Our visa support is recognized by every Belarus Consulate overseas.

The procedure takes 1-2 business days.

Can you help with insurance?

Yes, Prime Tour helps with medical insurance contract concluded with RUE “Belgosstrakh“ that provides the limit of indemnity not less than EUR 10000.

Can I get Visa at the airport?

Yes, you can get Visa in Consular office that is located in Minsk National airport.

Foreign citizens arriving with flights from the Russian Federation cannot obtain entry visas of the Republic of Belarus at the international airport “Minsk”.

In order to obtain Belarusian tourist visa upon arrival, the following documents should be submitted to the Consular Office at the international airport “Minsk” (the Division for the Admission of Foreigners of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs):

  1. valid original passport or travel document which
  2. has at least two blank pages intended for visas
  3. is valid for at least 90 days after the expected departure date from Belarus
  4. completed visa application form (download here http://mfa.gov.by/en/visa/info/visa-applications.html )
  5. one color passport-size photograph (35 mm x 45 mm)
  6. medical insurance contract concluded with Belarusian insurance companies (“Belgosstrakh“ or “Beleximgarant“) or medical insurance contract concluded with any foreign insurance organization; the medical insurance contract with foreign insurance organization must be valid at the territory of the Republic of Belarus and provide the limit of indemnity not less than EUR 10 000. Please, note: “Belgosstrakh“ insurance document could be purchased on-site, at the airport “Minsk”.
  7. ORIGINAL visa support documents: the letter of invitation and the contract from a Belarusian tourist company registered in Belarus, as well as the document, confirming the booking of any type of accommodation for the whole period of stay in Belarus.

    Visa support documents must be submitted by the inviting company in original and not later than in 2 business days before expected date of arrival. Prime Tour will be pleased to issue and deliver all necessary documents right in time.
  8. consular fee in cash only (all rates here http://mfa.gov.by/upload/123/4.pdf )

After the plane lands, please, follow the instructions of the airport officer to address the Consular Office, where Belarusian visa will be stamped into your passport.

What are the conditions of Visa Free regime?

According to the Presidential Decree, effective from July 27, 2018, foreign citizens of 74 countries can enter Belarus for up to 30 days and exit from the territory of Belarus only through the State border checkpoint of the Republic of Belarus “Minsk National Airport”.

You may find the list of visa-free countries following the link:

The given order of visa-free movement through the airport does not extend to persons coming to Belarus by plane from the Russian Federation, as well as to those who intend to fly to the airports of the Russian Federation (such flights are considered as internal ones and do not have border control).

The term of visa-free stay is calculated in calendar days; the first day corresponds to the date of arrival, the last day coincides with the date of departure (regardless of the time of arrival and/or departure).

Visa-free regime does not extend to holders of diplomatic, service, special and other passports equivalent to them.

The trip is carried out for private, business, tourist or other purposes not related to employment, commercial activity and education, if the term of education exceeds 30 days.

To enter the Republic of Belarus in the visa-free regime via the checkpoint “Minsk National Airport”, foreign nationals should have the following documents:

  1. a valid ordinary passport. The passport must be valid at least 90 days beyond intended date of departure from the Republic of Belarus;
  2. financial means: amount equivalent to not less than 2 base rates for each day of stay or 50 base rates if the stay is full 30 days, in Belarusian rubles or foreign currency;
  3. a medical insurance policy with coverage for at least 10 000 euros, valid in Belarus during the whole duration of stay.

For citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, India, Lebanon, Namibia, Samoa a valid multiple visa of the EU member states or Schengen zone with a mark in passport on crossing the border of these states and tickets with confirmation of departure from “Minsk National Airport” within 30 days from the date of entry is a compulsory additional requirement.

When staying in Belarus for more than 5 working days, foreign citizens need to register with the divisions on citizenship and migration of the territorial bodies of internal affairs. When staying in hotels, hostels, sanatoriums and other collective accommodation facilities the registration of foreign citizens is carried out by the administrations of such facilities by default upon check-in.

The term of visa-free stay can not be extended beyond the established 30 days.

Can I apply for a group Visa with my friends/family?

Yes, you can.

The requirements for a group visa:

  1. the quantity of people in the group should be not less than 5 people;
  2. documents for all members of the group (passport, visa form, photograph, visa support documents according to the visa type) are submitted at any one time in one package;
  3. the package of documents should also include the list of the group with names, dates of birth, the number and expiration date of the passport, citizenship (in two copies).

Keep in mind: persons heading to/from Belarus with a group visa should cross the border and travel on the territory of the country only as a member of their group.

A travel to Belarus on a group visa is a cost-efficient measure, but it is a must that you enter and exit the country together. If someone from the group visa list is missing (e.g. fell ill, changed their mind, etc.) before entering Belarus, it is ok, but everybody must be present when leaving the country.

NB! If when you enter the country there is no person for whose name the visa was made (first in the list), visa will have to be redone. If 5 people applied for a group visa, but one of them will not be able to come to Belarus, everyone will have to make an individual visa, because group visa is made for at least 5 people, so at least 5 people must also enter. In Belarus, it is impossible to forget someone, because neither the group nor the individual who stays will leave. The travel program in Belarus must be 100% identical for everyone, otherwise it is not a group visa. Naturally, all the passports and respective papers of the group members must be submitted in one package.

May I obtain double-entry or multi visa?

Yes, you may apply for double-entry or multi-visa, but you will need to have a reason for returning to Belarus (bus/railway tickets, accommodation at hotel, etc.)

Documents for applying for double-entry or multi-visa are the same as for single-entry visa.

How can I pay Prime Tour for the services?

We work with only with 100 % prepayment of our services, that you may make via WebPay by credit card or by bank transfer.

WEBPAY is a convenient means of payment for goods and services on the Internet. It is an opportunity to make payment for your order, using the bank VISA or MasterCard payment card. The safe WEBPAY server is installed by the encoded connection under the protected TLS protocol and confidentially accepts from the client data of his plastic cash card (number of the card, a name of the holder, an expiration date, and control number to the cash card of CVC/CVC2).

You can also make a bank transfer. Note, that bank commission is paid by the client.

Payment steps:

  1. Send the order to the e-mail address incoming@belarusprimetour.com.
  2. Receive proposals from the company manager.
  3. Approve of quotation.
  4. Receive an invoice.
  5. Pay credit card bill, specifying the required data in the prescribed form.
  6. Wait for confirmation of payment to the e-mail.

As an order confirmation you will receive notification to your e-mail on booking paid services.

In the absence of confirmation within 3 working days, you need to contact customer support by e-mail: incoming@belarusprimetour.com. Our managers will consult you.

In case of cancellation of the ordered services not later than 3 days before the booking date, you must write a statement to the official company email.

If the cancellation of the ordered services occurs because of the customer fault, our company does not give any refund.

Countries we don’t work with

  • Angola (Republic of Angola)
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Bangladesh (People’s Republic of Bangladesh)
  • Belize
  • Benin (Republic of Benin)
  • Bhutan (Bhutan)
  • Bolivia
  • Botswana (Republic of Botswana)
  • Brunei (Brunei Darussalam)
  • Burkina Faso
  • Burundi (Republic of Burundi)
  • Cambodia (Kingdom of Cambodia)
  • Cameroon (Republic of Cameroon)
  • Cape Verde (Cape Verde)
  • CAR (Central African Republic)
  • Chad (Chad)
  • Comoros (Islamic Federal Republic of the Comoros)
  • Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • Congo (Republic of Congo)
  • Djibouti (Republic of Djibouti)
  • DPRK (North Korea)
  • East Timor (Timor Leste Democratic Republic of the)
  • Ecuador (Republic of Ecuador)
  • El Salvador (Republic of El Salvador)
  • Equatorial Guinea (Republic of Equatorial Guinea)
  • Eritrea (State of Eritrea)
  • Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia)
  • Fiji (Sovereign Democratic Republic of Fiji)
  • Gabon (Gabonese Republic)
  • Gambia (Republic of Gambia)
  • Ghana (Republic of Ghana)
  • Grenada
  • Guyana (Co-operative Republic of Guyana)
  • Haiti (RepublicofHaiti)
  • Honduras (RepublicofHonduras)
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran)
  • Iraq (Republic of Iraq)
  • Jamaica
  • Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)
  • Kenya (Republic of Kenya)
  • Kiribati (Republic of Kiribati)
  • Kuwait (State of Kuwait)
  • Laos (Lao People’s Democratic Republic)
  • Lebanon (Lebanese Republic)
  • Lesotho (Kingdom of Lesotho)
  • Liberia (Republic of Liberia)
  • Madagascar (Republic of Madagascar)
  • Malawi (Republic of Malawi)
  • Mali (Mali)
  • Marshall Islands (RMI)
  • Mauritania (Islamic Republic of Mauritania)
  • Mauritius (Mauritius)
  • Morocco (Kingdom of Morocco)
  • Mozambique (Republic of Mozambique)
  • Myanmar (Union of Myanmar)
  • Namibia (Republic of Namibia)
  • Nauru (Nauru)
  • Nepal
  • Nicaragua (Republic of Nicaragua)
  • Niger (Republic of Niger)
  • Papua New Guinea (Independent State of Papua New Guinea)
  • Rwanda (Republic of Rwanda)
  • Samoa (Independent State of Samoa)
  • Senegal (Republic of Senegal)
  • Sierra Leone (Republic of Sierra Leone)
  • Solomon Islands
  • South Sudan (Republic of South Sudan)
  • Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka)
  • Sudan (Republic of Sudan)
  • Suriname (Republic of Suriname)
  • Swaziland (Kingdom of Swaziland)
  • Tanzania (the united Republic of Tanzania)
  • Tonga (Tonga)
  • Tunisia (Republic of Tunisia)
  • Tuvalu
  • Uganda (Republic of Uganda)
  • Vanuatu (Vanuatu)
  • Yemen (Republic of Yemen)
  • Zambia (Republic of Zambia)
  • Zimbabwe (Republic of Zimbabwe)
  • CГґte d’Ivoire (Republic of CГґte d’Ivoire)
  • Libya (Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
  • Nigeria (Federal Republic of Nigeria)
  • Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
  • Palestine (State of Palestine)
  • Syria (Syrian Arab Republic)
  • Afghanistan (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)
  • Guinea (Republic of Guinea)
  • Guinea-Bissau (Republic of Guinea-Bissau)
  • Somalia (Somali Democratic Republic)
  • Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago)

Who needs to register in Belarus?

Upon arrival in Belarus, visitors are required to register at local Citizenship and Migration office within 5 business days. Thereafter, local police authorities will issue a registration stamp, which will be attached to the visitor’s passport. If the visitor is staying at a hotel, this will be arranged by the hotel services (reception bureau), but only for the period of stay at hotel.

From January 2019 tourists can register online and free at https://portal.gov.by

(create an account on the unified portal of e-services, sign in at a personal account and fill in the application to register during your stay in Belarus)

Online registration is not available for foreigners who travel to Belarus from Russia.