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Theatres, Concert Halls, Circus

Location: 5, Volodarskaya str.

In Minsk the theatre began working in 1947. The real pearl of the repertoire was the performance "The King Lire", that was awarded with the price for the best acting of A.Kistov by the British Royal Academy of Drama Art.The modern period of the theater is characterized by the constant enrichment of the repertoire by the classical masterpieces.

Location: Parizhskaya Commune Square, 1

The first stationary theater was founded in Belarus in 1933 on the basis of the Belarusian opera and ballet school. The most famous operas staged in this theater are "Boris Godunov" by Mussorgsky, "Othello" and "Don Carlo" by Verdi, "Hoffman's Fairy Tales" by Offenbach, "Sadko" and "Golden Cockerel" by Rimsky-Korsakov, "Lohengrin" by Wagner and many other masterpieces of the world art.

Location: 7, Engelsa str.

Yanka Kupala National Theatre is the oldest theatre in Belarus. It was opened on the 14th of September, 1920. The first performances were originated from Belarusian folklore and works by Belarusian writers. Nowadays the Yanka Kupala State Academic Theatre has always presented lots of plays, written by such authors as Shakespeare, Gogol, Durrenmatt, Brecht, Dostoevsky.

Location: 20, Engelsa str.

The history of the State Puppet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus began in Gomel, where in 1938 the Republic Puppet Theatre was founded. In 1950, it moved to Minsk. The staff of the theatre is not only for children performances. Experimental performances showed the combination of drama art, music and pantomime.

Location: 44, Myasnikova str.

The Theatre was opened in 1970. Nowadays deep creative work and impressive variety of genres are the main characteristics of the State Musical Comedy Theatre. You can find the classical operetta, a musical comedy, a comic opera, a rock opera, ballet, performances for children, versatile concert programs on its playbill.

Location: 50, Nezavisimosti ave.

A unique and moving place to unwind your love for classical music. Artists perform close to the audience allowing for an intimate musical experience. The atmosphere is intriguing and the acoustics are surprisingly good. The orchestra has expanded in repertoire, which includes works by J.S. Bach, Händel, Mozart, Schubert, Stravinsky and Bartòk.

Concert hall "Minsk" Concert Hall
Location: 5, Oktyabr'skaya str.

It is one of the most famous concert halls. A lots of artists from CIS present the life performances over here. At your service there are restaurants, banquet hall and a gallery of decorative and applied arts, a night disco club and two bars.

Palace of the Republic Concert Hall
Location: 1, Oktyabr'skaya Square

Palace of the Republic. Today it is a modern hospitable building known to every citizen of the Republic of Belarus and to many guests of our capital. Here prime social political events are held, forming the outline of development of the young Belarusian state – nationwide meetings, congresses and forums, summits, international seminars, symposiums and conferences.

Location: 32, Nezavisimosti ave.

If You are keen of various funny performances and entertainments please welcome to Circus. The State Belarusian organizes and realizes guest-performances of international circus programs in the arena of the State Belarusian circus.