Beer Tasting Tour

Local beer tasting ceremony
Trying the freshest beer
Visiting a local micro-brewery

Belarusian brewing traditions are perhaps not so world-famous as that of Germany, Denmark or Czech lands, but they have their own little mysteries and secrets of the art. If you are a real beer lover and willing to taste famous Belarusian beer brands, discover new flavors or simply to have a good time during your stay in Minsk, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the local beer tasting ceremony. You will taste the best locally brewed beer while listening a story about the colorful history of Belarusian brewing technologies from our expert in a small microbrewery. Taking advantage of the Beer Museum location that could be found inside the red-brick building of the oldest beer manufacturer in Belarus you can simply enrich city tour impressions by adding more iconic landmarks to your traveler’s portfolio.