Back in the U.S.S.R. Incentive Tour

Charming retro cars
Action-packed trip to Stalin Line
Aura of the Soviet past

Duration: 3 days/2 nights

What about time travelling into the Soviet era of Red Banners, ice maidens and monumental “Stalin empire” design? Or maybe you would prefer to have a short city tour on vintage cars or get a chance of real machine gun shooting and riding in a war-time tank? In fact, Belarus is the only country in all former Soviet Union community which has left intact Soviet values and daily lifestyle throughout the decade after the collapse of the USSR. Travelling in nowadays Belarus is a perfect chance to witness it yourself and learn more about Soviet architecture and design, visit former Soviet department stores, walk along the streets with Soviet-style names, or have a talk to city dwellers and listen their stories about life in the Soviet period.

Itinerary Close all days
Day 1

Welcome drink (“Soviet Champagne” and caviar!) and short Minsk city tour by charming retro cars.
Orienteering game at Minsk Metro which resembles the Soviet epoch in its monumental beauty.
Special dinner at “Expedition” restaurant, devoted to the Soviet northern expeditions. Slices of frozen fish served on ice, Siberian herbal tea and deer meat are absolute must-tries!

Day 2
Minsk- Stalin Line- Stankovo

Action-packed excursion to Stalin Line. Military dressed guides, gun emplacements, soldiers' food and traditional “100 gram of vodka”. Unique chance to shoot from a real gun and to ride a war-time tank!
Lunch at local restaurant with authentic Belarusian dishes.
Visit to Stankovo complex – meeting “Belarusian partizans”, participating in camp activities. Fire place, food from the field kitchen, war-time songs by old accordionist.

Day 3
Belarusian farmstead- Minsk

Trip to the traditional Belarusian farmstead. Historical reenactment “Soviet smugglers' trails” with NKVD officers and pursuits.
Lunch at local restaurant with “heating drinks” that have been “smuggled”.
Return to Minsk. Visit to the main department store of the former communist Belarus – GUM.
Dinner at the grandiose Palace of the Republic. Try out the “delicatessen” that only the “privileged” ones could afford themselves. Soviet-style musicians will accompany the night.