Belarus Original Incentive Tour

Visiting historic manor estates
Folk performance
Beer tasting ceremony

Duration: 3 days/2 nights

Authentic Belarusian history and culture brought to life in front of your eyes during Minsk city tour with the experienced guide. Folk traditions and remarkable historical events revived in one moment – an inspiring journey to the past and present. Most delicious national dishes tasting and much more…

Itinerary Close all days
Day 1
Minsk- Dudutki-Minsk

Minsk city tour with the history coming to life just in front of your eyes! All the main historic events will be performed in short remarkable sketches.
Excursion to the Folk Crafts Museum Dudutki with visiting various workshops, original windmill and a working farm. Homemade moonshine tastings are also on plan!
Dinner at Belarusian restaurant with a cooking master-class. The chef will teach how to prepare the famous draniki!

Day 2
Belarusian farmstead- bike tour- Minsk

Trip to the traditional Belarusian farmstead with visiting the apiary. Tasting locally-produced honey and training in traditional Belarusian crafts.
Bike tour to explore the picturesque surroundings.
Lunch at the farmstead with Belarusian dishes and folklore show.
National dancing master-class.
Return to Minsk. Visit to the Alivaria Brewery museum with beer-tasting.

Day 3
Sula- Minsk

Visit to the historic manorial estate “Sula”. Welcome drink, participating in pagan rites, attending the acting smithy and ancient armory exposition, tastings at local brewery, historical reenactments and road cart rides. Dozens of local specialties at one place!
Knight tournament with astonishing fighting scenes and fire show.
Lunch at the estate's restaurant accompanied by the medieval musical performance.
Acquaintance with the estate's horse stables and horse-riding classes.