New Year 2020 in Minsk New Year 2020 in Minsk

Minsk might not yet be top of your list of places to see in the New Year, but stick with us on this one – the capital of Belarus has lots to offer visitors from all around the world. Come with us on a journey to discover your perfect New Year in and around this lovely capital city!


    • Banya and Sauna. The traditional winter leisure activity of Belarusians can easily be turned into party-time! Get ready to put the strength of your inner spirit to the test in a real Belarusian banya! You can find both public and private saunas in the city and out-of-town. Just be sure not to miss out on the obligatory tradition of jumping into the snow after a hot session of steam.
    • Farmsteads near Minsk. Village houses, cottages and traditional farmsteads are waiting to open up to offer you a memorable time in the Great Outdoors. Choose between a modern house with a full range of conveniences, or a traditional one with its very own cosy atmosphere. Local hosts will prepare a special dinner for you but if you’re feeling adventurous you can take care of the cooking yourself!
    • Hotels. Pick from a broad range of outstanding hotels in Minsk, treat yourself to a sumptuous meal in the restaurant, then be up with the birds and into the spa for the very best first morning of the New Year ever! The most well-appointed of Minsk’s hotel spas are at the Marriott, Renaissance and Victoria.
    • Ski Resorts. Yes, really! Belarus may not have any mountains, but that won’t spoil your fun in the snow! A number of ski complexes serve the greater Minsk area, including Silichy, Lohoisk and Raubichy. All of them have special programmes for the New Year, featuring music, shows and contests. And all of them are great places to rent a home either for your family or large group of friends.
    • Open-Air Folk Museums. Ozertso, Dudutki and Sula Park At each of these special places you can taste home signature cuisine, as well as participate in entertainments and competitions old and new. Theatrics, jousting, live music – you name it, you’ll find it here! And for the younger visitor, children’s programmes of New Year games and fun are on offer. If you visit Sula Park, there’s even better news – a fully-appointed local hotel is waiting to welcome you.
  • Main Avenues and Streets. Do things the easy way and have fun out on the streets with real Belarusians, celebrating the New Year with concerts, dancing and fireworks! The biggest parties will be on Independence Avenue, near to the Palace of Sports, and on Zibitskaya and Oktyabrskaya Streets. But don’t worry, you won’t freeze – local Christmas markets will be there to dispense inner warmth in the form of mulled wine and delicious hot dishes!