10-days visa free regime for tourists launched in Brest and Grodno regions 10-days visa free regime for tourists launched in Brest and Grodno regions
The first day of the New Year 2018 has brought good news for the tourists travelling to Belarus – a 10-days visa free regime for several areas of Grodno and Brest regions (“Grodno Oblast and Brest Oblast”) has started from the January 1st, 2018. The regulations are applied to the following areas: Brest city; Kamenets, Brest and Pruzhany districts of the Brest region; Svisloch district of the Grodno region; a tourist-recreational park the “Augustow Canal along with city of Grodno and Grodno district. The number of the border check-points for 10-days visa-free entrance to Belarus to visit Grodno and Brest regions with the purpose of tourism was also increased. The following check-points fall under new regulations: Brest: Brest (Terespol), Domachevo (Slovatichi), Peschatka (Polovtsy), Pererov (Belovezha), the Brest railway checkpoint (“Terespol”), the checkpoint “Brest Airport”. Grodno region: “Bruzgi” (“Kuznitsa Bialostokskaya”), “Privalka” (“Raigardas”), “Lesnaya” (Rudavka), “Privalka” (“Shvyandubre”), the railway checkpoint “Grodno”, the checkpoint “Grodno Airport”. The new rules will apply to citizens of 77 countries. So, what documents are necessary to get use of 10-days visa-free regime? The required documents include passport, medical insurance, tourist permit and migration card (issued at the border when entering the country). The most important document here is a tourist permit which gives a foreign traveler the right for private or group visit to the tourist-recreational zone “Brest” or tourist-recreational park “Augustow Canal”. The tourist permit can be obtained via Belarusian travel agency which has a right to issue documents for a visa-free visit (as a rule, most guests get in contact with travel agencies located in Grodno or Brest). In practice, tourists can choose appropriate travel agency and specify their needs for the tour program at web-page. The similar page for the Brest visitors will be launched in the nearest future. Upon finishing tour payments and signing contract with the travel agency the applicant will get a confirmation for the visa-free entry to Belarus. Preparation and filling out of the documents for the visa free entry are exempted of fee.

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