Celebrating housewarming and 10 years’ anniversary Celebrating housewarming and 10 years’ anniversary

As it was mentioned before, 10 years is a very important date for us and our company. However, this was not the only reason for arranging recent event. In fact our team relocated recently to newly built spacious and bright office purchased by the company right in the center of Minsk at popular Zybitskaya Street. To commemorate this event, we were very happy to bring together our partners and employees.

The celebration started with presentation of company’s office which, as it was noticed by our guests, reflects active and forward looking character of our company. Being located in the picturesque place at the banks of Svisloch River, this newly built housing estate enriches old part of the Minsk city with modern trends and fashion. After having a short time for chatting and introduction talk, we moved to «Pravda» gastrobar, which perfectly fits into the format of the evening. Company’s new video presentation, exchanging presents, communication with our partners from hotel and transfer services, and National Agency of Tourism provided living and relaxing atmosphere to discussed our ambitious plans for the following years.

From the entertainment part – a photo booth was set up with a great possibility to print branded photos! Live music and songs brightened up the event making it cozy and festive. Sweet memories of this lovely evening will stay forever with each of us and we’re making this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our MICE Department employee Yana Lisovskaya for excellent organization of the evening!

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