“BELARUS” gets in line: Destination branding for tourism market


A conference “Destination Branding: Innovative Ideas for Attracting Tourists” organized by the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Sports & Tourism in collaboration with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) was held last week in Minsk (6-7 July 2017) in the hall of Olympic glory of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus. This great event brought together representatives of various ministries, municipal and regional tourist administrations, non-governmental organizations working in tourism and also experts in the field of marketing and branding, as well as speakers from leading international organizations and companies specializing in tourist destinations branding and marketing.

The conference had the personal involvement by UNWTO General Secretary Mr.Taleb Rifai and experienced experts from 30 countries who explained and demonstrated by different showcases the what the brand is and why it is of urgent need to every country interested in tourism destinations development. In his welcome speech Mr.Taleb Rifai stressed that “While in 1950 there were 25 million travelers worldwide, then last year their number exceeded 1,235 million. Travel has become the most popular type of employment, despite natural disasters and political situation. One of six inhabitants of the earth travels annually. By 2030, UNWTO predicts that the number of tourists will increase to 1.8 billion! Our descendants will call our age the age of travel.”

The idea on branding exploration was fruitfully discussed at special workshop with Mr.Taleb Rifai and leading DMC companies from Belarus attended also by representatives of Prime Tour Ltd. team. General Secretary of UNWTO stressed that "People must believe in their own brand. Besides, the openness of the country should become a positive addition to the brand.” We hope that what Mr.Taleb Rifai said at the closing ceremony should be taken as a motto for everybody engaged in the tourism business in Belarus: “Tourism is very important for Belarus. It's now time to show the world this big secret called Belarus!"