BelarusFilm Production Area Visit


This December Prime Tour has visited Belarusfilm studio for the second time and attended even more interesting and amusing places to explore! Our excursion route first point was the Museum of Cinema, where old vintage posters are displayed. Our guides’ narrative touched historical moments of film industry development in Belarus. On the way to next sightseeing place – out-of-city pavilion – we entered production area where famous Russian and Belarusian films had been shot.

Inside the pavilion building we were extremely surprised  to meet real guerilla fighters – the “partisans”!  They took us to the old houses, which are used for filming and generously regaled us with bacon, vegetables and potatoes cooked at the open fire. Every participant of our group was free to cook himself to entertain his colleagues with a tasty treat. Pavilion itself is located at a picturesque territory covered with dense forest with a small beautiful lake nearby. Just at this spot, films of different genres are being shot every year: action blog basters, suspension films, drama serials, etc.  To summarize briefly, production area we have visited that day may serve as a great platform for the MICE tourism, and we definitely will do our best to explore this place for this purpose from now on!