Belarusian safari – Jeep extreme tour at Naliboki pristine forest Belarusian safari – Jeep extreme tour at Naliboki pristine forest
Jeep Safari tour is not something unusual and could be easily accessed in many countries, but Belarusian drive in the pristine forests of Nalibokskaya Pushcha Nature Reserve is really a breathtaking adventure for adrenaline rush. Last weekends we’ve got first-hand experience of this type by taking part in promotion jeep safari tour by the partner company from the city of Grodno. Any kind of physical activities like pulling the car ropes, digging up these powerful monsters from Belarusian’s marshlands, moving out the trees cut by the beavers etc. was granted by organizes to every participant. But not without award at the final point. Our physical endeavors got to be accompanied by splendid views of Belarusian nature, authentic cuisine, local folk show at charming rural farmstead and … even by the herd of wild bisons which unexpectedly welcomed us at the forest margin. A really unforgettable experience which we could recommend for everyone who would like to explore Belarus in unusual way.

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