Discovering America in New York


Last weekend (Jan 26-28) the New York city welcomed one of the most conspicuous and reputable tourist world fairs – the New York Times Travel Show. This year it celebrated a kind of a jubilee turning to be the 15th in a row. Among the countries regularly participating in NYT exhibition (Mexico, Japan, China, Korea, Turkey, South Africa, etc.) this year brought to the venue some newcomers including several countries from the former USSR among which were Belarus and Ukraine.

The Prime Tour team is happy to be among those who presented the multilevel touristic potential of Belarus in NY. Our guests were told about the Belarusian nature, cultural and historical heritage, popular spots locations, travel options, as well as about the upcoming great sports events like European Olympic Games 2019 in Minsk and World Hockey Championship 2021 (to be held in Belarus and Latvia).

The emphasis in country's presentation at the official Belarusian National stand was made on the 5-day visa-free regime. Belarus is of particular interest to Americans – only the last year more than 5000 US citizens visited our country and USA is in the top 10 countries using visa-free option. Our company is going to see here in Minsk many of the US travel companies, 70 of which expressed their profound interest in the Belarusian travel market.