Fam Trip for Russian companies Fam Trip for Russian companies

This April Prime Tour was pleased to welcome Russian company representatives on a Fam Trip dedicated to the opportunities of Belarus as a new and interesting destination for travelers.

During the Fam Trip, our guests have visited BelAz equipment plant – the place of production the largest dump tracks in the world. And yes, besides visiting Museum and workshop, they took a ride on a real dump track and felt the power of Belarusian machinery.

next stop of the Fam Trip was Dubrov Restaurant that served not only as a great place for eating, but also a brilliant venue for traditional Belarusian food master class. During this entertainment, our Russian friends shared their impressions and discussed Minsk informally -as they were real tourists! Food preparing became a great start not only to consume, but also to create, and exactly this gave our guests such never-to-be-forgotten memories.

The next venue to be praised was «Luch» shop. It is the largest and the most modern producer of watch and clock. In the recent time this company has made a lot of new models, that reflect both classical and modern shapes. And this is exactly that place where everyone will find something special for himself. And accordingly almost all the guests have bought watch as a wonderful and unusual present from Belarus.

The day ended up with a wonderful dinner at Traktir restaurant – one of the best Belarusian cuisine restaurants, where our guests have tasted some of the local dishes, which as they have noticed where the way better that draniki, that they tried to make by their own before 🙂

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