Meeting with the League of Youth Voluntary Service “LYVS” Meeting with the League of Youth Voluntary Service “LYVS”
Prime Tour had the chance to visit the League of Youth Voluntary Service “LYVS” a non-profit non governmental Youth Organisation which works for 25 years developing active commitment of youth through various ambitious projects. “One of the mission of LYVS is helping young people socializing themselves and be positive and confident in the world”, says the Director of the organization, Olga Shmihelskaya. The organization sends about 100 young people from Belarus around the world every year. They also welcome foreigners for various projects : trainings, educational programmes, youth exchanges, international workcamps, etc. The key mission’s of LYVS is young people development and Belarus offers a lot of opportunities to do so. Indeed, critical thinking is important in every aspects of your life. Olga says, you can live your life according two differents ways : “either you live your life for somebody else or you live your life for yourself”. LYVS uses interesting method in every of its programmes. It is called the method of the 4 “C” which stands for Critical thinking, Communication, Creativity and Cooperation. “Our doors are always open” says Maria Krischanovich, International Coordinator at LYVS. Foreigners can take parts in many great activities, including meeting club and cultural evenings. LYVS contributes to break down many stereotypes many people have. No, traveling is not always very expensive. Belarus is only at three hours flight from Paris and is one of the cheapest country in Europe ! No, volunteering doesn’t mean always getting involved in ecological actions such as planting trees ! (even if that’s a very nice thing to do for our planet :)). LYVS offers a large range of programmes and opportunities, there is something for everyone. Under the European Volunteer Programme (EVS), you can get involved in a project for 11 months. It leaves you plenty of time to get a fully immersion in the incredible Belarusian culture and make your own mind about it. No, young people in Belarus don’t speak only Belarusian or Russian language. You will learn that many of them speak English, as it is their second language at school. “When foreigners come here, they know nothing of the country. After their experience as a volunteer, at least they know about it, so does their family and friends.” says Maria. When foreigners go back to their country, they have a complete different vision of this small land at the center of Europe. Dmitry Frytsin a Belarusian young volunteer and traveller who is fond of LYVS programs for many years tell us why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go to Belarus. “People are friendly, it is a safe country and nature is preserved”. Not only will you find magnificent Sovietic architecture but also places of cultural and architectural hubs like Galerya Y or OK16. Indeed, modern Belarus as a lot to give for foreigners in need of adrenaline and wishing to go of the beaten path. Here is a testimony of Ingrid Ponsy, a French young volunteer who spent an EVS in Minsk. “I spent a wonderful year in Minsk ! The country is still not hit by mass-tourism, it is kept as a beauty secret. Belorussians are generous, open and welcoming. As for nature, it is composed of lacs, forests and various fauna which is very well preserved. It is a place where it’s good to live. My favorite activity in Minsk ? Discover villages that you can find in the countryside : every houses are full of colours, it’s a pleasure for the eyes !”
From left to right : Olga, Maria, Dimitry

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