Minsk region is ready for II European Games


This December Prime Tour team has joined the Famtrip group that visited various sites at the Minsk region. The idea of the tour was to explore different facilities to host guests during the II European Games. As result, we were highly impressed to see so many top-rated newly opened places for recreation and amusement!

The first stop was at recently opened «Zaslonov» restaurant decorated with art showpieces by renowned Belarusian master. Overall impression of the venue was quite positive and we could recommend it, in particular, to art lovers and those who prefer stylish and cozy atmosphere. The menu not less surprised us by variety of dishes from French, Italian and Belarusian cuisine.

We then proceeded to the town of Zaslavie, which picturesquely resembles the views of old Minsk. This cozy little township provides great opportunities for cultural and historic tourism with a big number of exhibitions, museums and shows of folk crafts masters.

After leaving township area, we took a quick look at the newly built «M-hotel» with its gorgeous decor and luxurious main hall adorned with historical pictures of Belarusian royalty. This hotel may serve a wished-for recreation point on the way back to Minsk. A scrumptious restaurant of Belarusian cuisine nearby is a great addition to guests’ stay at the hotel.

The most spectacular among all the objects we have visited that day was probably a «Syabry» recreation complex. It is a group of separate buildings, which included hotel blocks, spa & sauna facilities, fancy restaurant, a shooting gallery, tennis court and much more attractions to make your Belarusian journey easy going and memorable.

The final stop was at «Robinson club», the entertaining complex that won many prestigious awards. It provides only the best services including spa, restaurant, luxury rooms and entertainments. The large conference hall turned into discussion venue where we spent some time deliberating the most important event of upcoming summer season – The II European Games in Minsk.

We are looking forward to welcome all our guests and invite everybody to have unforgettable time in our homeland – the country of Belarus!