Opening the veil of Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre Opening the veil of Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre

This February Prime Tour visited Belarusian Bolshoi Theater to open new horizons for our tourists. Overall the tour made a huge impression on our team!

For example, we learned about the real size of the theater, which includes 18 floors! And this is not the biggest record of the theater. The stage here exceeds even that of the Moscow Bolshoi theater, and magnificent surroundings with large halls definitely make it one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. We cannot but mention a huge crystal chandelier with a weight of more than 1 ton and the number of lenses exceeding 20,000.

During the tour we also descended into the orchestra pit and appreciated how the audience and the stage may look for musicians. By walking around the dressing room it was possible to see the mechanisms and scenery from inside. The workshops, where hand made canvases and decorations for the stage are being created impressed us most of all. On entering the clothes storage room we even tried on several costumes used for performances. Unfortunately, we haven’t got a chance to talk with actors, as they were involved in rehearsal. But rehearsal itself inspired us greatly to attend the upcoming performance!

For confidence it was one of the most interesting excursions and we are sure that our tourists will be even more enthusiastic about such a special tour!

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