Soligorsk – the city of Belarusian millionaires


This October we have visited Soligorsk city to open up new destinations for our tourists.

Soligorsk is a truly unique city with largest salaries in the country! Sometimes daily wages reach up to 1000 $ per day. The reason is that the main occupation of those living here is a job at the potash giant enterprise «Belaruskali», the place we have visited during our trip. We have gone down 450 meters beneath the earth surface to have a look at the salt mine and to visit unique speleo hospital, the only one in the Western Europe! As for the medical recreation center it is a really unparalleled hospital without doctors or nurses. The only thing you are doing there is walking or sleeping. Treatment is carried out naturally by inhaling the salty air which helps people to get rid from allergy, angina and lungs problems. What else is worth visiting in Soligorsk? You may consider visiting such attractions as:

-Orthodox Church in Chizhevichy, which strikes with its rich golden interior.
-The Museum of «Belaruskali» plant with a big amount of USSR remains.
-Recreation at a local farmstead with traditional lunch and dinner accompanied by a pony of moonshine made from horseradish.
-«Birds of Belarus» Ornithological Museum with a great number of Belarusian birds starting from diverse owl spices up to tiny ducklings.
-The Museum of poultry farming attached to the country’s 2nd largest poultry plant, that produces more than 1000 eggs a day!
-“Four Elements” Park which is extremely beautiful during the Indian summer!