St. Petersburg business forum


 St. Petersburg business forum opened during «Days of Minsk»

Mutual relations between St. Petersburg and Minsk have strong roots for a rather long time. Every year they are getting better, and one of the evidences is commodity exchange, which has increased by 15% since 2016. Today Minsk is the 4th largest partner of St. Petersburg.

It also concerns the tourist business through which Belarus attracts new visitors and opens itself as a popular destination for MICE.

To consolidate the progress outputs, establish corporate relations and discuss development prospects, Prime Tour had visited the "Days of Minsk" in St. Petersburg on September 11-13, 2018.

It was not only a cultural event, but also an economic forum. Our company made presentation and presented Belarus as a promising and attracting direction for tourism, the hype around which is gaining momentum.

We are deeply satisfied with this visit and look forward for further fruitful relations between Minsk and St. Petersburg!