One Day in Brest One Day in Brest

Belarus is famous not only for its capital and the largest city – Minsk, but also for its regional cities with their own charming mood. One of such places included in the most of our tours is Brest. Imagine that you are making a short 24 hrs visit to this small city. Would it be enough to explore all it sightseeing spots? Now we will try to find it out! Let’s take a brief look at the brightest places worth visiting in Brest.

If you came to Brest by train you will find yourself in front of the Brest Railway Station, which was rated as one of the most beautiful stations in the former USSR. Here from you can quickly reach the next landmark – the Winter Garden. This is a kind of greenhouse with wild and exotic flowers and birds, affiliated with the local university.

After watching the Garden, you can walk along the most beautiful and famous street in the city – Sovietskaya, with its charming boulevards, flower beds, cafes and restaurants. Be sure to visit the nearby Avenue of Lanterns, where you can see the street Lamplighter dressed in the uniform of the 19th century and variety of unusual sculptures illuminating the night city.

If the weather favors you, you may take a walk through the picturesque Recreation park with a lot of entertainment spots for children and adults, bringing your body and spirit to total relaxation.

For the Art lovers the next perfect place to visit is the Museum of Rescued Values, which displays a lot of unique art showpiece seizured by local custom service: sculptures, pictures and even Faberge jewelry!

Brest will not leave indifferent tourists, who are interested in the history of religion; you can find delight by visiting magnificent churches like Holy Resurrection Cathedral, St. Nicholas Brotherhood Church and St. Simeon Cathedral.

And, of course, don’t miss the most famous Brest attraction – the Brest Fortress. It is a complex of buildings and museums dedicated to the courage and sacrifice of soldiers perished during the times of the Second World War.

Stereotypes: Brest is sometimes jokingly called the Belarusian resort city, but not because it has a beach. Rather it is due to the fact that city temperature is always a couple degrees higher than in Minsk.

Unique Features: In addition to classic European old dwellings, Brest features many residential buildings built in line of Soviet constructivism, distinguished by peculiar shape and structure.

It’s recommended to start your journey with a guided 3-hours city tour, including the Brest Fortress, to get in touch with historical legacy of the brightest corners of this glorious city.