One day in Grodno One day in Grodno

Grodno is one of the oldest Belarusian cities that in fact has even much more sightseeing spots than Minsk! Of course, one day is absolutely not enough to explore all the highlights, but we’ll try to fit most important of them just in one column below!

Grodno is a unique city with more than 800-years history, full of mystery stories about princes, kings and dukes. The city was a favorite place for rulers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Polish Commonwealth for centuries.

To get the royal spirit of Grodno start exploring the city with Old and New Castles. The Old Castle is the only royal castle premises survived on Belarusian territory. For a long time, it was the residence of great princes of Lithuania and kings of Poland, and thus played an important role in the history Belarusians, Lithuanians, Poles and Ukrainians. Today you can trace the history of Belarus starting from stone ages by watching main exposition of Historical and Archeological Museum located in former palace.

The city of Grodno also bears the name of principal religious center of modern Belarus. It is the place where you can admire the outstanding Catholic Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier, featuring one of the oldest clocks in Eastern Europe. The multi-figured composition consisting of more than 40 sculptures greets you within cathedral interiors and will definitely make you been amazed.

Another unique architectural object of religious importance is Kolozhskaya Church – the only one preserved monument of Black Russian Architecture of the 12th Century! To complement your immersion into the history of religion, you may also visit the main Synagogue, which is the oldest one at the post-Soviet territory and is recognized as the most beautiful synagogue in Europe! And pay attention to the beautiful Orthodox Church – Holy Protection Cathedral. It was built in honor of the soldiers of Grodno garrison, who died during Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905. In the old days, Orthodox Belarus didn’t make sculptural memorials and monuments. Instead, churches of extraordinary beauty were erected to commemorate events of military history.

Another mandatory place to visit is Lutheran Kirkha, which was built in a very impressive neo-gothic style. Here you can also listen to charity organ concerts of European musicians. To complete your acquaintance with religious mosaic of Grodno you may visit the Museum of Religion featuring a lot of artifacts from various world denominations.

If you travel during warm season, we advise you to take a stroll along the paved roads of Sovietskaya Str– very lovely old territory in the city center full of cafes, shops and museums. Proceeding next to the city park named after Gilibert may enrich your impressions by lovely landscapes and entertainments for people of any age.

Grodno also has several unusual spots like a medical university with the oldest pharmacy operating as a museum and Kuntskamera exhibition, frightening it’s visitors by showpieces of anatomical deformities and deviations. Another unusual place is a remarkable private collection of the Museum of history and urban life of Grodno. Here you can find a huge variety of antiques from the everyday life of local residents, each of which preserves its own fascinating history.

To relax after a long walking day, we suggest you to watch one of the popular performances at the Grodno Theater, which building is an ever-present object at the postcards of this wonderful city.

Some interesting facts:

• For some reasons Grodno has the lowest divorce rate throughout Belarus.

• The cuisine of the Grodno region is distinguished by a variety of unusual dishes from potato.

• Traditional cuisine of the small town of Odelsk, located 30 kilometers from Grodno, even pretends to be recognized as part of the authentic heritage of Belarus!