“Sula” History Park

“Sula” History Park

«Sula» is an interactive park of Belarusian traditions and history.

This complex of buildings includes:

  • Castle with torture;
  • Original and recreated buildings of the estate;
  • 2 hotels;
  • Restaurant with Belarusian cuisine;

Many interesting objects illustrating the history of Belarus:
  • Viking parking;
  • Pagan temples;
  • Local Stonehenge;
  • Wooden houses with weaving museums;
  • Chaff;
  • Jewish crams;
  • Batlejka theater;
  • Ancient pharmacy.

Here you can feel yourself like a real Belarusian, trying to take part in ritual dances, throw knives, axes or taste local moonshine «Starka» from a real sword blade and immediately see the process of its preparation according the 16th century recipe!

You can move across the park on the old Viking boat “Drakkare”, in a horse cart, by bicycles, catamaran or take a fly in a small helicopter!