Art Gallery of Felix Yanushkevich in Rakov

Duration: 3 hours

It is difficult to find a village in Belarus with the same rich history as that of Rakov. Once it served as a place of residence of a rich Belarusian class, a privately owned city with Magdeburg law, a place of smuggling, a craft center and a hometown of the richest Jewish families.

On the main square of the town stands a unique for Belarus Gallery-museum of Yanushkevich. It is the main attraction of Rakov, which combines both the gallery and the ethnographic museum. Its owner artist Felix, who himself leads the excursion, is called the main art object of the entire gallery for his endless energy and knowledge.

Here you can not only observe the history of Rakov development, but also follow the entire history of Belarus listening to the most interesting interactive story by the owner, who will be happy to answer even the most provocative questions about the history of Belarus.

Everything can be touched, sniffed and photographed:

  • Old Belarusian household items;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Remnants of the former glory of smuggling times;
  • Curiosities of war;
  • Soviet deficiencies and more.

The whole tour will be accompanied by live music and food tasting – homemade pickles, sausages, bread and moonshine.

After visiting the gallery, even among the great connoisseurs of history, reverse their look at the place of Belarus in the world. Be ready to feel positive charge of energy and inspiration from the owner Felix, remaining for a long time.