Belarus & Russia
Mir castle
Nesvizh palace

Duration: 8 days/ 7 nights

«Two sisters» – this is how we usually call Belarus and Russia. This 8-day tour across Belarus and Russia provides full immersion in each of these post-Soviet countries, unveiling history, traditions and particular qualities of each place. The tour itinerary includes all three capitals, being modern and authentic at the same time. The whole is as diverse as it can be, so you feel all the countries, not just visit. The first point of the journey is Belarus – here you will discover the richest Soviet heritage, and the way it blends with modern and historical architecture in Minsk, feel local culture and people at the traditional farmstead and explore royal history visit Mir castle and Nesvizh Palace – both true architectural masterpieces. The second point is Russia, where you can experience the culture highlights of this powerful country in two main cities – Moscow, with its pompous Red Square and St Petersburgh with Golden Peterhof and world-known Hermitage Museum.


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