Best of Belarus
Mir castle
Nesvizh palace
Belovezhskaya Puscha
Belarus. European Bison Or Bison Bonasus, Also Known As Wisent Or The European Wood Bison Grazing Near Feeders In Autumn Forest. Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Traveling to Belarus for the first time? The tour “Best of Belarus” is what you need! During only one week you will:
  • plunge into the past, visiting famous medieval castles;
  • experience the atmosphere of Soviet past and modern present walking accross Minsk streets;
  • stay in military Brest and religious Grodno and of course will see a famous European bizon in one of the most beautifull national parks of Europe – Belovezhskaya Puscha.
Don’t loose your chance to get the best from you trip to Belarus!


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