Chernobyl HBO Series Themed Tour
Chernobyl HBO series
Institute of Hydrobiology in Kiev
Chernobyl Museum
KGB building in the center of Minsk
Gates of Minsk
Costumes, taken from Belarus Film
Costumes, taken from Belarus Film
Vilnius, region served as Pripyat city
Shooting in Vilnius

Duration: 5 days/4 nights or 6 days/5 nights

HBO’s acclaimed mini-series Chernobyl has been all the talk amongst movie-lovers and historians alike recently. And we can now let you into a little secret; it wasn’t filmed exclusively in Ukraine! In fact, realistic locations were identified and captured in a number of other places, some of which we include in this fascinating tour. Unique to Belarus Prime Tour Company, let us take you back to the days of the Soviet Union in this fully immersive, time-travelling experience.

The tour includes Kiev and a visit to film locations there, the atmospheric and somber abandoned corners of Chernobyl itself, the Soviet architecture of Belarusian city of Minsk, the Belarus film studio that provided costumes for the mini-series and finally Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, where scenes resembling government ministry buildings in Pripyat (the now-abandoned city adjoining the stricken power plant) were filmed.

Optional features include a meeting with ‘liquidators’ of the Chernobyl power plant, the heroes involved in the clean-up operation, as well as an autograph session with Nobel Laureate Svetlana Alexievich, whose internationally lauded masterpiece Voices from Chernobyl was used as background material for the HBO mini-series, together with an excursion to the decommissioned Ignalinskaya nuclear power plant in Lithuania, which served as a film location for some scenes within the Chernobyl plant’s interior in the mini-series.


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