Folk Show
Folk musicians
Folk dances
Kupalle celebration

Duration: 4 hours

Folk studies specialists will tell you that even a one-time living experience with somebody’s national culture is a most direct and expeditious way to get knowledge about the mentality, customs and spiritual roots of the whole nation.

And Belarusian traditional culture is not an exception – ancient legends, dances, folk music, songs and games that revive and beautify any national holiday event or ceremony will bring you back to our history and native roots.

So, if you are interested in listening Belarusian folk music or watching colorful traditional dress, vivacious dances accompanied by music on medieval instruments we will be happy to assist you in joining any kind of folk entertainment. Normally every guest is not only a show spectator, but an active participant of various folk events, demonstrations and master classes.

Don’t lose your chance for a wonderful time in a beautiful scenery with professionals in traditional Belarusian games, folk music, dances and ethnographic rites – and you can enjoy every minute of your stay in Belarus!


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