Knight`s Tournaments
Knights' tournaments

Duration: 2 hours

The tradition of knighthood in Belarus dates to the creation of first Belarusian cities – around IX-X century. At the end of XX century knights have begun to come back with an aspiration to tell about the history to others.

Today it is possible to meet young men and women in medieval costumes along the city streets, and annual knightly tournaments and festivals became already a real Belarusian tradition.

Visitors of knight`s tournaments will be able to feel actual battles and enjoy a festive atmosphere with medieval music and dance. The event usually culminates with a grand theatrical performance of a medieval battle. The participants and spectators will be able to step into the most romantic period in the human history, the time of valor and honor, an atmosphere of glittering warrior-hosts.

You will have an excellent chance to taste medieval treats and drinks!


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