Magic Christmas in Belarus

All Saints Church
Swan Lake Ballet
Outside the Theatre
Mir castle
Ded Moroz residence in Belovezhskaya Puscha
Deer in Belovezhskaya puscha
Nesvizh Palace

Duration: 6 days/5 nights

We invite you to celebrate the most cozy and magical holiday in Belarus – Christmas! With a the coming of Christmas Minsk turns into a fabulously beautiful city with its fairs, large Christmas trees, ice skating rinks and folk celebrations. The decoration of the city includes generous illumination on all streets, squares and boulevards, special window dressing, than turns into a masterpiece of design art and the embodiment of creativity for the holiday. All this creates a special mood, which is called Christmas.

Outside the city, you are also welcomed for the most grandiose national holiday of Belarusians – Kalyady. It is an excellent occasion to plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of the holiday in the form in which it was celebrated by our ancestors, touch history, try traditional cuisine, wear unusual outfits and just have a good time being surrounded by picturesque landscapes of Belarusian nature.


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