Polotsk – the city of Vikings and Slavs

St Sophia Cathedral
Convent of Saint Ephrosinia
Book-printing museum

Duration: 12 hours

Polotsk is one of the most ancient cities of the Eastern Slavs and many Belarusians consider it as the spiritual cradle of the country. First mentioned in the Primary Chronicle of AD862 and tightly connected with the Vikings’ influence within the region, it later became the capital of the Polotsk Principality and one of the most powerful centers of Kiev Rus. Under the rule of the Prince Vseslav Charodey (the Sorcerer) it gained its maximum prosperity, and the most outstanding architectural monument of those times, St Sophia Cathedral, was constructed. At present this historical site along with the Convent of Saint Ephrosinia are the most honoring and esteemed in the country. Both are included into the Polotsk city tour together with other local sights (Central Square, Epiphany Monastery, Book-printing museum etc).   

Address: 13 Skorini Ave., Polotsk

Hotel Slavianskiy (Dvina) is the only one hotel in ancient Polotsk - the cradle of Slavonic civilization. It is situated in the very centre of this cozy town on Skaryna square in an eye-catching colonial style building. The hotel offers well-appointed accommodation tailored to any needs - from moderate economy rooms to luxurious suite. All Polotsk highlights reflecting its long history lie within walking distance from hotel.


St Sophia Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral
Convent of Saint Ephrosinia in Polotsk
Polotsk Museum of Traditional Weaving