Visa Free Belarus
Brest fortress
Brest fortress
Belovezhskaya Puscha park
European Bison in Belovezhskaya Puscha
Ruzhany Palace

Duration: 3 days/2 nights

Belarus Prime Tour invites you to explore visa free regions of Belarus – magnificent Brest and glorious Grodno that are full of natural and historic sights! During our little 3 day journey we will show you that not only Minsk is worth visiting on Belarusian lands.

Brest will show up like a small cozy city full of beautiful streets, flower beds and the most important sight – giant deeply-affecting memorial Brest Fortress. On your way to Grodno you will experience the wild nature in the oldest reserve in Europe – Belovezhskaya Puscha nature park, meeting face-to-face with main Belarusian symbol – European bison. One more sight on your way is mysterious Ruzhany Palace – the remains of powerful aristocratic family. Aristocracy of Belarus will better repent itself in the glorious Grodno city – once one of the most powerful cities in Great Dutchy of Lithuania.

According to Decree No. 300 of August 7, 2019, from November 10, 2019, the territories of visa-free territories “Brest” and “Grodno” were united into one common territory, the territory of visa-free entry. Foreign citizens can visit these regions for up to 15 days.


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