All payment operations are carried out by means of electronic payments WEBPAY™.

WEBPAY is a convenient means of payment for goods and services on the Internet. It is an opportunity to make payment for your order, using the bank VISA or MasterCard payment card. The safe WEBPAY server is installed by the encoded connection under the protected TLS protocol and confidentially accepts from the client data of his plastic cash card (number of the card, a name of the holder, an expiration date, and control number to the cash card of CVC/CVC2).

Payment steps

  1. Send the order to the e-mail address incoming@belarusprimetour.com.
  2. Receive proposals from the company manager.
  3. Approve of quotation.
  4. Receive an invoice.
  5. Pay credit card bill, specifying the required data in the prescribed form.
  6. Wait for confirmation of payment to the e-mail.

As an order confirmation you will receive notification to your e-mail on booking paid services. In the absence of confirmation within 3 working days, you need to contact customer support by e-mail:incoming@belarusprimetour.com or by phone: +375 17 302 34 02. Our managers will consult you.

In case of cancellation of the ordered services not later than 3 days before the booking date, you must write a statement to the official company email. If the cancellation of the ordered services occurs because of the customer fault, our company does not give any refund.