10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Belarus

UNESCO world heritage highlights

Magnificent Mir and Nesvizh Castles still have such power and beauty that everybody can realize why Belarus once carried the proud name of the “Country of Castles”. Today castle facilities provide you opportunity to enjoy knight tournaments, participate in historical quests, pick up souvenirs from Belarusian masters or simply to relax at restaurants and music festivals.

Marc Chagall heritage

One of the most avant-garde artists who struck the world with his art was born here, in Belarus! Find out the way the great creator lived here by visiting his family house in Vitebsk. You may also include the Art Center of Marc Chagall into your itinerary to see original etchings and drawings by this prominent master.

Opera and Ballet theatre

The National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet theatre сommissioned in 1938 is one of the largest theatre venues in Europe. The virtuosity of Belarusian ballet dancers will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated spectator. The luxurious decorations of the main hall with golden moldings and crystal chandeliers turn your standard visit to the theater into a royal court ceremony.

Belarusian National Art Museum

Get inspiration from one of the richest collections of art pieces in Eastern Europe. The diversity of paintings, sculptures and folk art masterpieces ranging from old Belarusian icons to modern ornamental art will let you appreciate various artistic compositions and feel new emotions during your visit to Belarus.

Trail of the World War II

The World War II period takes a special place in the history of this country as the life of every fourth Belarusian was taken away by the hardships of war. The country keeps the memory of those who perished on the battlefields and those who has survived at every corner of its land.Brest Fortress,World War II Museum in Minsk, Stalin Line and other memorials will bring you to the atmosphere of the passed war. One of the greatest events for Belarusians today is a Victory Day which takes place on the 9th of May and is accompanied by a grandiose military parade.

The power of BelAZ machinery

Visit the world greatest manufacturer of mining dump trucks – BelAZ. Take a look at the monstrous trucks with a load capacity of 450 tons which are featured in the Guinness book of records! Watch up fascinating production process or take a ride on the giant machines, which movement sound causes land to shudder. Finally you’re welcome to try branded cookies made in the shape of world largest dump trucks!

Authentic village life

The best way to learn about local village life is to go to the folk museum Dudutki or Belarusian Skansen – Ozertso. Both are open-air museums where the 18th-century rural life is reconstructed. You can walk around windmills, small wooden huts, village wells or take part in Belarusian master classes in traditional crafts: needlework, pottery, carpentry, braiding, bakery or cheese making. Find activities you enjoy and let them carry you away!

Orthodox churches

You will be surprised by the number of Orthodox and former Uniate churches, their greatness and glory. Golden domes, hand-painted wall murals cause admiration and make you realize why many of them were nominated for UNESCO World heritage list.

National parks and reserves

Visit the world 3rd largest National Botanic Garden or move to Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Berezinsky National Reserve or any other place to feel the stunning power of Belarusian nature. Get acquainted with Belarusian forest inhabitants like lynx, wild boar, deer and wolf. And don’t miss European bison, which is the symbol of the country listed in the Red Book of rare species.

Belarusian cuisine

Crispy potato pancakes, warm soups, homemade berry drinks and sweet apple pies… Feel the atmosphere of coziness and hospitality and try the delicious national cuisine, which definitely will give you vigor for the whole day of adventures.