Celebrating 10 years in Dublin! Celebrating 10 years in Dublin!

The first week of February our Prime Tour team spent at the incentive trip commemorating 10 years anniversary of company foundation. The travel spot was not chosen by a mere chance – we’ve visited one of the most beautiful and authentic cities in the world – Dublin!

Indeed, it was really hard to find a perfect city none of us has visited before! And, we were extremely lucky with the weather. The warmth and sunshine accompanied our entire journey, enhancing pleasant impressions. In Dublin, we had arranged a great program that allowed us to get to know this multi-faceted city from every point. It all started with a sightseeing tour, where local guide showed us the main places of interest in the city center, including St Patrick and St Paul Cathedrals, Trinity College and much more. This tour also helped us to navigate in the city later.

We also visited such remarkable attractions as National Gallery, which struck us with a huge amount of the work of famous artists among which were Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Brueghel.

To feel the spirit of Dublin, we consistently dropped in authentic bars, where we met many cheerful and friendly Irish people. Tours to Whiskey Museum and Guinness Museum along with narratives about the history of traditional spirits and tasting tours with experts were remarkably impressive. In addition, we did not pass over the magnificent nature of Ireland by visiting Phoenix Park, which welcomed us with sunshine and gave opportunity to fed local deer right from our hands! In the evening, we had an incredible gala dinner at one of the national restaurants. Our old friend Nigel Roberts, who has been writing guide books on Belarus for many years, did us a great favor by joining the party.

All in all, the whole trip made indelible impressions on our group, giving memories that will stay with us forever!

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