I have 11 wonderful days at Belarus ! It was mainly contributed to the great works of Prime Tour Ltd . As a solo traveller , it could be a big challenge for a non Belarusian / non Russian speaking Asia to venture into different towns in Belarus . From the very first day when I contacted Prime Tour Ltd . They have assigned Ms. Anna to answer my endless questions , which at all time she addressed to all my concerns professionally. She made enquiries on my interests, places I wish to visits and etc , then she gave valuable recommendations to me ! From our numerous emails correspondences, she prepared a detailed itinerary for me to consider . And finally she came out with a great itinerary for my 11 private tour at Belarus . From the very moment of the pick up at Minks International Airport , I was very pleased for them to give me a pleasant driver and a car in good conditions !! It helps a lot during my 11 days journey at Belarus !! The visits from Minsk to Brest , Grodno , Kosovo, Polotsk , Vitebsk and Maladziečna were all carefully prepared . A tour guide was assigned to me for each visit , which gave me valuable insights of places that I have visited ! The itinerary prepared by them also allow me to have sufficient free times to venture around and to take photos . Mr. Denis , the gentleman that drive me around is a great staff. he is on time all the time . He takes good care of the cleanliness of the car in top conditions ! His great work made the long journey from Grodno to Polotsk a smooth and relax one ! What I truly enjoy was my change to see how Belarusians celebrate Kalyady Festival , a practice based on Pagan beliefs ! They sing songs , dance , going to houses to ask for candies (if not will be trick )! I doubt you could see these at developed Wester European countries !! A tour to Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park is also very memorable . I had the opportunity to see how celebration of Christmas with father Forest (not the Santa !) I made the right decision to engage the service of Prime Tour Ltd . TQ to all the staff have contributed to this wonderful and memorable trip to Belarus !!!! Tq to Ms.Anna , Mr.Denis and all the guides !!!! Allow me to share some photos to show Belarus is not a county just as any other post -Soviet state ! It has much more to offer!!!! Beautiful cultures , word class ballet which is inexpensive compare to Western European countries , great people and nice food !!!

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