Top 6 Famous Belarusian Dishes Worth Trying Top 6 Famous Belarusian Dishes Worth Trying
1) Draniki – the most popular and famous dish in Belarus. These are kind of small fried pancakes made grated potatoes. The recipe is quite simple, you just need to grate potatoes, add eggs, salt and flour. You can also add onions to make pancakes more crunchy. Draniki are fried to golden brown and served with butter, herbs, mushrooms and sour cream. 2) Cutlets «The Fern Flower» are small soft cutlets made from minced chicken and grated cheese with greens filling. When fried the cheese melts down to produce delicious surprise for the guests. 3) Machanka (the name originated from the verb «to dip into») is a thick meat gravy with different types of pork products: ribs, homemade sausage, lard and smoked meat; You can wet into it whatever you want, but most often people use pancakes. 4) Kutya – A traditional Christmas treat – very tasty, sweet and melting in your mouth kind of dish. For the preparation of this dish people use rice, raisins, honey and dried apricots. 5) Holodnik soup ( Cold Soup). Traditions of cold soups originate in Belarus. One of these soups, holodnik is similar to borsch, because it is also made from beets. However, in addition to the beet there are eggs and greens. Great light soup, perfect for the heat! 6) Bigos is a kind of stewed cabbage with meat. Required components: fresh cabbage, various meats and ham, dried mushrooms, dried plums, onions and various spices.