Top winter activities in Belarus Top winter activities in Belarus
At the time when all Christmas holidays are over, don’t be disappointed with that you couldn’t have more fun this winter. Belarusian winter is considered to be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year and upcoming two months still can bring you to many wonderful places and amusements you may enjoy during your journey! For example, you may choose to: Enjoy skiing or snowboarding at «Silichi» or «Raubichi» sporting complex. There you can find not only extreme sliding slopes, but also easy ones for beginners. In the evening you can warm up yourself and relax in a cozy cafe or sauna.

Roam the forest paths, catch snowflakes and look for traces of unprecedented animals in one of the national parks: Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Pripyatsky Park, Narochansky Park or Berezinsky Nature Reserve.

Relax at one of the multiple farmsteads. Belarusian farmsteads give you an opportunity to dive into engrossing ways of traditional culture and daily life of Belarusian people. In winter, you can try winter fishing, horse riding, or challenge a traditional «banya» ( sauna) and enjoy local homemade dishes! Swim in the icy lake. A long-lived tradition of winter swimming, of course, could be hardly called a rest, but unforgettable memories will stay with you forever! Skating. In Belarus, you will find a large number of both indoor and outdoor skating grounds located right in the city center! A great addition is the European Figure Skating Championship, which invites viewers to visit Minsk from January 21 to 27. Visit a ballet or opera performance. The Bolshoi Ballet and Opera Theater in Minsk is a sophisticated venue that invites you to the most spectacular displays in winter season – The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and others. You can also attend traditional New Year’s Ball with a fashionable dress code that allows you to experience a time travel into one of the past centuries!