Behind the scenes of National Opera and Ballet Theater
Inside the Theatre
Theatre Hall
Outside the Theatre
Swan Lake Ballet

Duration: 2 hours

Theater is a mirror of culture. It is a journey of self-discovery. It is able to awaken the strongest feelings and helps to understand the world around us. Take a glance behind the scenes of the most grandiose theater in Belarus – National Opera and Ballet Theater and find out how masterpieces that amaze the whole world are created.

The Opera and Ballet Theater is the most grandiose building in the style of constructivism in Belarus. During the tour you will not only get acquainted with the rich interior of the theater and the whole complex, but also observe each stage of the preparation for the performance.

The creation of props, costumes, makeup work, installation of scenery – each phase keeps its secrets that will open up to you. But the most interesting is face-to-face communications with everyone who are involved in performance creation and then keep an eye on how the rehearsal for the performance actually happens.