Cooking Master Classes

Duration: 3 hours

If you like cooking, the local gastronomic tour will be your best bet. With cooking master classes you will learn about the national food culture of Belarus, try and cook yourself exotic ethnic dishes, meet knowledgeable chefs of Minsk top restaurants, get insight into culinary customs and much more.

Belarusian national cuisine will open you the doors to warm hospitality, national character and local traditions of Belarusian people.

Besides studying new fancy recipes starting from simple lunch menu up to festive table culinary, the participants will examine a variety of culinary topics: meat, fish, poultry, pasta, carving and the principles of dish decoration and serving.

All these would be a unique culinary practice at perfectly equipped individual workplaces. And one more course basic point is that of using products that can be easily picked up in local stores and markets in Minsk.


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