Folk evening at traditional farmstead
Belarusian farmstead
Traditional Belarusian dishes
The dishes of the traditional Belarusian cuisine - fried bacon and meat sausages, pastries.

Duration: 5 hours

An unforgettable evening in a traditional Belarusian farmstead located in a picturesque place near a lake, village and forest. The owner of the house will treat you with a hearty Belarusian dinner and tell you about the origin of each dish.

After dinner, you will get acquainted with the Belarusian folklore, listen to folk songs, take part in traditional dances and games.

To supplement your immersion in the Belarusian culture, you will be able to participate in a master class on cooking traditional dishes or handcrafts. At the end of the evening, you are welcomed to take a walk to the neighboring villages to see the mode of modern village life.