Loshitsky Manor & Museum of Folk Life and Architecture


This one-day tour in Minsk allows you to explore contrasts of life of Belarusians of 18th-19th centures. Firstly, you are going to see Loshitsky Manor, showing up the “bourgeois” way of life in rich families. Here you will visit the restored residential interiors of the manor: living rooms, a ballroom, an office, a pantry, a dining room – all decorated in different styles: modern, neo rococo, historicism and more. The interiors feature furniture, household items, arts and crafts, paintings, graphics from the collections of National Gallery, History Museum and even Mir castle!

Our second stop will be open-air Museum of Folk Life and Architecture (Belarusian scansen) that shows the authentic character of the typical Belarusain village of the XIXth century. Farmsteads, wooden churches, schools, public barns, mills, smithies, stables – all elements have been brought here from different ethnic regions all over Belarus and were carefully restored. Visitors will also enjoy a wide collection of various household, trade and handicraft items which are all exhibited at the museum.


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