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Gates of Minsk
RSDLP Museum
KGB building
Independence Avenue in Minsk
Lenin Metro station
Victory avenue
Azgur Museum

Duration: 3 hours

The journey begins from one of the symbols of the city – the «Gates of Minsk». While walking along the main avenue, which is the most complete complex of buildings in the Stalin Empire style, you will visit the grand post office building and send postcards to friends.

Do some shopping in the most important department store of the USSR –«GUM», and then taste the signature Soviet cakes in the Central Store of Minsk, which still retains its design since the days of the Soviet Union.

You will get acquainted with such magnificent buildings as the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions and the Circus building, visit the Museum of the RSDLP and the Museum of Azgur, with one of the largest collections of Soviet rulers busts.

An unforgettable experience will be a trip on the red line of the Minsk subway, which was opened in 1984 and has not changed its interior since then. At the end of the evening you can enjoy dinner at the Restaurant Comrade, where you can enjoy large portions of Soviet home cooking.