Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle
Traditional clothes of Belarus
Wooden Mill
Kalyady Celebration
Kupallle celebration
Traditional song singing
Folk music band

Duration: 4 hours

Open-air Museum of Folk Architecture and Life shows the authentic character of the typical Belarusain village of the XIXth century. Farmsteads, wooden churches, schools, public barns, mills, smithies, stables – all elements have been brought here from different ethnic regions all over Belarus and were carefully restored.

Visitors will also enjoy a wide collection of various household, trade and handicraft items which are all exhibited at the museum.

Moreover, all traditional holidays are brightly celebrated here every year. You are welcome to participate in Maslenitsa (Winter Pancake festival), Kupala Night (Midsummer night) or Kaliady (house-to-house Christmas carol-singing). These are exciting events with lots of traditional rites, games, folk performances, dancing and singing.