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Khatyn memorial
Mount of Glory
WWII Museum
WWII Museum

Duration: 6 hours

War theme is incredibly important and even sacred for all Belarusians. During this tour you will find out more about the history of the World War II and the impact it had on Belarus.

Excursion will start with visiting Khatyn, deeply-affecting memorial that commemorates all innocent victims of the war. The village of Khatyn was burned down and the entire population was massacred by the Nazis in 1943. Today it is a symbol of the tragedy of the Belarusian nation.

Another significant memorial, the Mound of Glory, was constructed in 1969 at the point where four Red Army divisions met on their drive towards Berlin in 1944. It is honoring numerous soldiers who fought for their Motherland during the war.

And all the aspects of the cruel times will be shown at the World War II Museum. It occupies «one-of-a-kind» building with an area of 3 000 sq.m. and houses more then 8 000 exhibits, including combat reports, diaries, drawings, flags of military units, military uniforms, military weapons and vehicles.