«Sula» Park of Interactive History

Duration: 3 hours

«Sula» is a park that will immerse you in the history and life of Belarusians. It is a whole complex of buildings of various orientations for the most complete immersion in the wonderful world of unknown: cults, ceremonies and mysterious stories. Here you will pass the historical path from the Stone Age to the modern life of Belarus.

The historic site impresses with its beautiful views, reeds, palaces, manors and huts. On the lake you will take a slowly roll on the old Viking boat «Drakkare», and on the roads you will ride in a horse cart to the ancient music that spreads throughout the park. Here you can hire bicycles, catamaran and even fly in a small helicopter.

In «Sula» park you will come across a Castle with torture, original and recreated buildings of the estate, 2 hotels, a restaurant with Belarusian cuisine, many interesting objects illustrating the history of Belarus – Viking parking, pagan temples, local Stonehenge, wooden houses with weaving museums, chaff, Jewish crams, Batlejka theater and ancient pharmacy.

An interactive on each object will help you to feel like a real Belarusian: try yourself as a blacksmith, take part in ritual dances, throw knives, axes or taste local moonshine «Starka» from a real sword blade and immediately see the process of its preparation according the 16th century recipe!